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I enjoyed working on myself with you. I knew I had a plan all along, I had set a path for myself but I just could not see it. I needed to get to where I need to be though talking and you guided me through by providing structure to my thinking. I can definitely see things with clarity now and I am able to analyse my position critically and objectively. I achieved my goal!

Sonia - London

Emma's coaching sessions helped to increase my self-awareness by providing a safe space for me to identify where I was focusing certain types of energy. In the second session I identified that I was focusing a lot of worry, confusion, and other unresourceful energy on the one negative thing and it helped me shift my focus to all positive things that were happening. That shift has been essential in moving forward with a fresh perspective and new motivation to accept things as they are even if they weren't what I expected because that's life! Throughout the process Emma created a safe space and made me feel comfortable when expressing all that I had going on in my mind and encouraged me to investigate my thoughts with curiosity and compassion. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who feels they would benefit from a sounding board and gentle encouragement to reframe their thinking patterns.

Alissa - Canada

Emma was great at listening, remembering and making connections. She helped me to look more objectively at the positive and to forge a way ahead that I felt comfortable and happy with

Sian - UK

Emma gave me the space and time to find out what I wanted to understand; her empathy and warmth felt nurturing without being intrusive; the coaching we did together was eye opening and effective and left me feeling that I had uncovered reasons for my negative habits and thoughts. I can now work on changing the negativity to positive feelings of acceptance, understanding and forgiveness for myself and towards others

Michelle - UK

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