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100 Hour Coaching Challenge

100 Hours of coaching over 12 months

As I go back to studying to develop my coaching practice, I am able to become a member of the Association for Coaching. I would also like to become accredited with the International Coaching Federation, this will take time as I will need to show that I have gained over 70 hours of paid coaching.

So I am challenging myself to coach 100 hours over the next 12 months. This may not sound much, but as I’m rebuilding my coaching practice, I have not got the client base that you might imagine. I am hoping that I will gain a larger network through my volunteer coaching with Yes Futures and my cohort at university…..and YOU!

I am offering a free 60-minute coaching session and then further sessions at £30.00 per hour (which is 50% of my usual price) or 6 sessions for £150.00

What can happen in 60 minutes of coaching? Most coaching takes place over several (6 or more) sessions, where we develop the goals and thoughts about how you want to change. In a 60-minute coaching session we can get specific about what you want, using SMART goals.


Once you have experienced the free 60-minute session, there is no obligation to sign up to any further sessions but you may find you want the support to see those goals through. It’s all up to you

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