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Starting Again!

How coaching helped me.

When I started being coached after I left my last job, my goal was to become more confident and feel like I was myself again. My last year in work had not been happy, I left a job I had loved due to a lack of cohesion in the team to join a new role in a new industry and where I ended up feeling unsupported and psychologically unsafe. I was not in a good place mentally.

My coach supported me through my decision to go back to being a coach, asking me the questions which helped me recognise that I wanted to coach again. She helped me work through my imposter syndrome, asking the questions which highlighted my abilities and skills and how they help people.

In reflecting my words back to me, I had many moments where I felt silly that I was not noticing my thoughts and I began to pay attention to what I was saying as I was saying it. I knew the answers, I just needed to say them and be heard. When my words were reflected back to me, they became new ways of thinking.

In the last 3 months, I have started coaching again, attended the WBECS pre-summit for coaches (which meant attending about 15 webinars), opened a business bank account, got insurance, launched my website, signed on for a PG Cert in Coaching Psychology, applied to coach students with Yes Futures and started re-connecting with my network.

I may have done all these things without a coach, but I believe that it would have taken longer, and I would not be feeling as confident about my decisions and actions as I am today.

In my final coaching session, my coach said she could see how I have become more confident in my body language, my words and my smiles.

If you would like to find out how coaching could help you, contact me for a free 30 minute discovery call.

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