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100 Hour Coaching Challenge - UPDATE

It's June and I am in the final term of my PG Cert in Coaching Psychology. I am working on my portfolio and preparing for a VIVA interview. I am also 3/4 through my coaching challenge.

At this point I am pleased to have coached 65 hours, I have been fortunate to coach people from different areas of the world through Zoom and I've experienced coaching through WhatsApp whilst walking in the fresh air. My clients have gained clarity in their thoughts and confidence in their decisions.

I'm continuing to learn and build on my reflexive practice. I have experienced one to one, peer and group supervision as part of my development and attended a conference for Ethics in Coaching.

It's been a busy and enlightening few months and I'm looking forward to what might be coming.

And yes, as I come to the end of my course, I have raised the price for my 100 hour coaching challenge.

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